Master in High Performance Football

Come to Barcelona and learn the MBP method for high performance football

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Why choose this program?

Because you will learn a comprehensive and complete coaching method of tactical preference which will allow you to know all the structures of high performance soccer in depth.

In the Master, you will learn the fundamentals of structured training and their relationship with the Individual Fundamentals per Demarcation (IFD) and you will discover how to coach a team from complex thinking, relating it with the Universal Collective Fundamentals and the Line Collective Fundamentals.

In addition, you will put your learning outcomes into practice, both in the playing field and performing live analysis, and you’ll be able to customize them in your final thesis by creating your own game model.

Ultimately, this Master will teach you how to understand soccer as a field of study with tactical, technical, physical and psychological implications.

What will you learn?

  1. To plan, evaluate and develop training programs considering the different structures of competitive soccer.
  2. To select and apply the most appropriate strategies, methods, techniques and technologies for the improvement of training processes in high performance soccer.
  3. To analyze and optimize the abilities and skills of footballers within the high performance stage.
  4. To understand, advise and manage individual and group dynamics in competitive soccer teams.
  5. To acquire anatomical, physiological and pathophysiological knowledge of the human body in relation to physical preparation for high performance football.
  6. To know and interpret the foundations and manifestations of human psychological development through soccer.
  7. To know, forecast, evaluate and relate the historical, psychological, social and cultural factors that favor or hinder the dynamics in a competitive soccer team.
  8. To know how to transmit attitudes and values that favor the practice of high performance soccer in a healthy way, as well as to communicate effectively.

How will you learn?

Case study

Solving problems and making decisions creatively in real practical cases.

Analyzing live

Analyzing, live, one of the teams of La Liga that are based in Barcelona: FC Barcelona or RCD Espanyol.


Searching, managing, analyzing, summarizing and connecting the information directly or indirectly related to competitive soccer.


Through advanced technologies in the field of high performance football.


Through verbal and non-verbal communication and expression with both parties, intelligence and power, in high performance soccer.


Leading and being proactive, both as a team and independently.


Attending to diversity and interculturality in high performance football.

Course structure

This course is structured in seven modules which will allow you to understand soccer as a field of study, in addition to a final thesis where you will express your own game model.

We will start with an introduction about the study of soccer: from its meaning for MBP to the way of taking part in all the areas around it. Next, we’ll get into the metagame and in how to grow the influence circle.

We’ll identify what aspects include in the player’s training, we’ll dive into the world of individual tactics and we’ll know the optimal solutions to specific situations that every specific demarcation must face: the Individual Fundamentals per Demarcation (IFD)

We’ll dive into the existence of societies in soccer, from game constellations to how to train motor assertive communication. Next, we’ll address collective tactics and theories applicable to the team as a complex whole. In this module, you’ll learn about Line Collective Fundamentals and Universal Collective Fundamentals too.

We’ll know about the patented MBP methodology in depth, we’ll argue why it is worth it to have your own coaching method and we’ll learn about the different didactic strategies and types of exercises to use during training sessions.

We’ll study video-analysis technology and we’ll work the analysis of both players and

We’ll delve into the concept of game model through a real case and we’ll talk about how to build, and defend, your own.

We’ll watch and analyze professional matches, including FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol, we’ll go to live training sessions and you’ll be able to obtain the LongoMatch Professional Certification.

Before finishing, the coach will have to present his own game model.


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